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Last Update: 08.05.2019, 16:00
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The NSFK Special Figures Series by Lineol


Lineol Special Order NSFK 1938

Not many of our collectors are aware of this, but the existence of this special Lineol for the NSFK has been confirmed several times and was already researched and documented in 1987 after the sensational auction offer of a Berlin auction house. The following article shall explain and describe this unique representation of these figures to new and interested collectors. About 25 marchers from this series have reappeared in various auction houses in the last 10 years. There are many speculations about the whereabouts of the remaining figures.


History of the NSFK

Dienstanzug NSFK, Organisationsbuch der NSDAP, 1943

The NSFK was a corporation under public law, and thus not a division of the NSDAP. It was founded in 1937 as a successor to the DLV. The corps was directly subordinated to the Reich Aviation Minister. Symbol of the NSFKs was the so-called Ikarus with added swastika. Corps leader was the Lieutenant General Friedrich Christiansen, born in 1879. He received a specially made NSFK corps from Lineol for the Christmas celebrations in 1938.


Scope of the special production

The special series commissioned by NSFK comprised exactly 151 figures. All figures were marching figures. The basic form of the figures are existing Lineol SA models with caps. However, these hand-painted figures differ in detail, the features are highly remarkable.

The following special characteristics have to be listed:

1. trousers are painted in aviation blue
2. cap is painted in aviation blue and has 2 very finely painted seams in brown color
3rd cap in silver features stylized imperial eagle
4. shirt is painted as a classic brown shirt
5. aviator dagger with curved parier rod, made of metal only for this purpose
6. tie shows NS party badge with flawless 1mm swastika
7. marchers with knapsacks all have reworked paddock / diagonal carrying strap missing
8. the flag of the NSFK with Icarus and swastika
9. bell tree with Icarus and swastika
10. bell tree with tassels in aviation blue and yellow
11. brass instruments are held in silver
12. the timpani has a swastika on the front, similar to Elastlin
13. pedestals are not in the otherwise expected light grey color
14. the collar mirrors are very detailed

The figures are subdivided as follows:
  • 1 flag bearer
  • 5 leaders
  • 102 marcher with knapsack
  • 1 Tambour major
  • 11 Pfeiffer
  • 11 drummers
  • 1 clamp beam
  • 19 musicians
According to tradition, however, it can be strongly assumed that several figures were made of them, but that only the flawless pieces with regard to their painting were included in the delivery. It is quite realistic that the remaining "rejects" were later put into circulation. This method was quite usual with the figure manufacturers at that time with special productions in particular to higher party members. The reject rate should have amounted to about 2-5% of the special order.


Market development

The figures remained in family ownership until 1986. Only the granddaughter gave up the figures after the declared disinterest of her sons. The first known consignment to an auction house took place in December 1986 in Berlin. In 1997 several figures, including the bell tree bearer and the flag bearer, were auctioned at the Worms Auction House in auction 31-33. In the following years further marchers came into circulation. The last known sale of 3 marchers took place in 2018 at the fair in Bad Nauheim.


Standard Series

The only known serial models for Lineol's Fliegersturm were the brown and blue painted Flieger (9/130) and the Fliegersturmmann (9/71). Further models are possible.

Lineol air raid storm marching

Lineol air raid storm marching

Lineol air raid storm pilot

Lineol air raid storm marching with bracelet

Lineol standard series ? NSFK 1938



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  • "Schmitt Günter" Mebanol Publishing House. political figures by Hausser-Elastolin and Lineol, "Seventh Book".
  • Reichsorganisationsleiter der NSDAP, Organisationsbuch der NSDAP, 7th edition, 1943

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21.06.2019, 21:14 - Member

I recently found this on eBay...may be similar, though not sure who the maker is.

12.11.2019, 23:31 - Member

I think this Is an marine SA , but Not a NSFK figure.

04.12.2019, 21:08 - Member

For sure, this figure is not made by Haußer/Elastolin or Lineol.

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