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Rudolf Hess

Rudolf Hess was born in 1894 in Alexandria, Egypt, as the son of a German merchant. During the First World War he served in the German Army and was seriously injured at Verdun in August 1917. In the same year he was promoted to Lieutenant and volunteered ... read more

Figure Series by Haußer / Elastolin and Lineol

When collectors talk about their hobby of collecting composition toy soldiers, they usually refer to the 7 and 7.5 cm scale models as being their favourite. These have been the most collected sizes for many years. The reason is probably that these types o ... read more

Personality Figures

Portrait figures are one of the most fascinating facets of collecting composite toy soldiers. A look at the numerous portrait figures produced by Hausser and Lineol during their heyday. Hausser/Elastolin produced its first personality figure, ... read more

88 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

The 8.8cm Flak (Flugabwehrkanone = anti aircraft gun) was one of the most effective and feared German guns of the Second World War especially in ground combat. Thousands of enemy tanks may have been destroyed by this weapon and it was also highly success ... read more

Italo-Abyssinian War

Figures of Abyssinian and Italian soldiers appeared for the first time in 1937 in a Lineol sales catalogue. Some of the African warriors were wearing the traditional dress of tribes from Abyssinia. However why did Lineol start a new series of figures? The ... read more

Belgium King Albert I

Albert was born in Brussels in 1875, and was the nephew of King Leopold II. He bore the title Count of Flanders. Upon his uncle's death in 1909 Albert I assended the throne. He married the Duchess of Bavaria and both proved to be very popular members of ... read more

Danisch King Christian X

Biography Christian X of Denmark was born near to Copenhagen in 1870 and became King of Denmark in 1912. He succeeded his father Frederick VIII. During his reign he approved the rights of women to vote in 1915 and in doing so broadened suffrage. In World ... read more

Sir Winston Churchill

Biography Sir Winston Churchill was the eldest son of the aristocrat Lord Randolph Churchill, born on 30th November 1874. He is best known for his stubborness yet courageous leadership as Prime Minister for Great Britain when he led the British people fro ... read more

English King Edaward VIII

Biography Edward VIII, also known as the Duke of Windsor was born on 23rd June 1894 at White Lodge in Surrey, England. Son of George V and Queen Mary, he was named Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David Windsor but was known to his family as ... read more

General Charles André De Gaulle

Biography Charles André Joseph Marie De Gaulle was born Lille in 1890. He was educated in the Saint-Cyr Military Academy. During the first World War in 1916 he served at the Battle of Verdun where he was wounded three times. He was eventually taken priso ... read more

Francisco Franco Behamonde

Biography Franco was born on December 4, 1892, in El Ferrol, Spain. After graduating from the infantry academy in 1910, he rose rapidly in the army, earning a reputation for efficiency, honesty, and complete professional dedication. He was named commander ... read more

King of England George VI

Biography Albert Frederick Arthur George VI, also known as the Duke of York was the second born son of George V and Mary of Teck. Born on 14th December 1895 at York Cottage in Sandringham, he was very shy and suffered greatly with a speech impediment. He ... read more

Dr. Josef Goebbels

Biography Dr. Paul Josef Goebbles was born in Rheydt on 29th October 1897, and educated at the universities of Bonn, Berlin, and Heidelberg. At the age of 25 he joined the National Sozialist Party (NSDAP). Three years later in 1925 he met for the first ti ... read more

Hermann Göring

Biography Hermann Wilhelm Göring was born on 12th January 1893, in Rosenheim, Bavaria. At the beginning of World War I he served in the Infantry Regiment No. 112. He volunteered for the air force and in 1915 he became a pilot and for his brave actions at ... read more

General Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg und Beneckendorff

Biography On October 2nd, 1847 Paul von Hindenburg was born in Posen (now Poznan, Poland). He was educated at the cadet school in Berlin and joined the Prussian army in 1866. During the next five years took part in the Seven Weeks' War and the Franco-Prus ... read more

Adolf Hitler

Biography Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April 1889 in "Braunau am Inn", Austria. After leaving school prematurely he tried to become an artist, but was rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna twice. At the beginning of World War I he volunteered fo ... read more

Generalleutnant Erich Ludendorff

Erich von Ludendorff was born near Posen, Prussia. With the age of 18 he joined the Prussian Army and was assigned in 1894 to the general staff. At the beginning of the First World War he commanded of an infantry brigade and captured the fortified city of ... read more

Viktor Lutze

Biography Viktor Lutze was born on 28th December 1890 in Bevergern, Westphalia. During the World War I he served in the Infantry Regiment No. 369 and in the Reserve Infantry Regiment No. 15. where he was wounded and lost his left eye. In 1922, after the W ... read more

August von Mackensen

Biography August von Mackensen was born on December 6th 1849. After his high-school education and study at university he joined the 2nd Leibhusaren-Regiment as a one year volunteer, on October 1st 1869. Together with this Regiment he took part in the war ... read more

Bernard Law Montgommery

Biography Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, later known as "Monty" was born in 1887 and spent much of his childhood in Tasmania. He was later educated at St Paul's School and the Royal Military College at Sandhurst. He was probably the most mis-unders ... read more

Erich Raeder

Biography Erich Raeder was born on 24th April 1876 in and Wandsbek. Already with the age of 14 years he wet to a cadett school. In 1897 he was promoted to Leutnant. During the First World War he was commander of the cruiser Köln. In 1928 he became the su ... read more

Ernst Röhm

Biography Ernst Röhm was born in 1887. During World War I he was commander in a company of the Bavarian Infantry Regiment No. 10. After the war he served as a political adviser in the "Freikorps" of Ritter von Epp. This formation defeated the communist o ... read more

Baldur von Schirach

Biography Ealdur von Schirach was born on the 9th May 1907 in Berlin. At the age of 17 he joined the NSDAP. Four years later he was tasked by the nazis to influence students in German uinversitys. He fulfilled this task very successfully. In 1930 Adolf Hi ... read more

Josef Stalin

He was born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, in Gori, which is now in the Republic of Georgia, in 1879, but in 1910 adopted the pseudonym Josef Stalin, Staling meaning "a man of steel." Both his parents were Georgian peasants neither of whom spoke Russi ... read more