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Catalogue for Collectors

The collector's catalogue contains figures and accessories of the manufacturers Haußer and Lineol. For this purpose, the former catalogues and price lists of the manufacturers were evaluated. In addition, important collections were sighted in order to catalog the figurine range of these manufacturers as comprehensively as possible. As far as possible, the figures and accessories were photographed from several sides to give the best possible impression to the collectors. The catalogue already contains more than 10,000 pictures of figures and accessories and is constantly updated. PREMIUM members are shown the pictures in high resolution and have an additional zoom function.

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In our archive you will find over 240 copies of dealer catalogues, sales catalogues, leaflets, price lists, order lists and many other original documents from former figure manufacturers with a total of over 4,500 pages. These are shown to our PREMIUM members in high resolution so that they can browse through the old catalogues as they wish.

In addition, these original sources were linked to the figures and accessories of the collector's catalogue, so that the proof of the former production period can be kept here.

Elastolin HAUSSER
Elastolin, 1954, 54 pages
Lineol Catalogue Spécial No. 10, Catalogo Speciale No. 10 (französisch / italienisch)
Catalogue Spécial No. 10, Catalogo Speciale No. 10 (französisch / italienisch)
Lineol, 1937, 48 pages

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Sales List

Lineol Pistonbläser marschierend
Lineol, 40.59 EURO
Lineol Kampfgraben mit MG-Stand
Lineol, 175.00 EURO
Lineol Schwerer Mörser
Lineol, 402.40 EURO
Lineol General sitzend, für Kübelwagen
Lineol, 75.00 EURO

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Personality Figures

Adolf Hitler in civilian clothes by Hausser Portrait figures are one of the most fascinating facets of collecting composite toy soldiers. A look at the numerous portrait figures produced by Hausser and Lineol during their heyday. read more

Figure Series by Haußer / Elastolin and Lineol

Lineol 4cm Serie When collectors talk about their hobby of collecting composition toy soldiers, they usually refer to the 7 and 7.5 cm scale models as being their favourite. These have been the most collected sizes for many years. The reason is probably that these types of composition figures are the most common and they are easy to find. Also there are enough catalogues available to identify which models have been produced. However, this size stands at the very end of the pre Second World ... read more

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Experts Forum

Geländeteil aus Masse

Hallo, kennt jemand den Hersteller dieses Geländeteils. Die Masse erscheint bei den Rissen sehr dun ... read more

Geländeteil aus Masse

Unbekannter Pilot von Lineol

Ich habe seit einigen Jahren eine Piloten-Figur von Lineol. Bei genauer Betrachtung unterscheidet si ... read more

Unbekannter Pilot von Lineol

Preisliste zum illustrierten Spezialkatalog über LINEOL Soldaten, Tiere und Fahrzeuge, Lineol 1931

es fehlen die Seiten 11 und 13 ... read more

Preisliste zum illustrierten Spezialkatalog über LINEOL Soldaten, Tiere und Fahrzeuge, Lineol 1931

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