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Catalogue for Collectors

The collector's catalogue contains figures and accessories of the manufacturers Haußer and Lineol. For this purpose, the former catalogues and price lists of the manufacturers were evaluated. In addition, important collections were sighted in order to catalog the figurine range of these manufacturers as comprehensively as possible. As far as possible, the figures and accessories were photographed from several sides to give the best possible impression to the collectors. The catalogue already contains 10.084 pictures of figures and accessories and is constantly updated. PREMIUM members are shown the pictures in high resolution and have an additional zoom function.

Lineol General standing
Lineol Drummer with big drum marching
Elastolin Lyre-bearer marching
Lineol Admiral standing
Elastolin Benito Mussolini walking
Elastolin Boy Scout marching

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In our archive you will find 251 copies of dealer catalogues, sales catalogues, leaflets, price lists, order lists and many other original documents from former figure manufacturers with a total of 4.779 pages. These are shown to our PREMIUM members in high resolution so that they can browse through the old catalogues as they wish.

In addition, these original sources were linked to the figures and accessories of the collector's catalogue, so that the proof of the former production period can be kept here.

HAUSSER Qualitätsspielwaren 1962 (Deutschland / Frankreich)

Elastolin, 1962, 44 Pages

Spezial Katalog Nr. 10, Special Catalogue No. 10 (deutsch / englisch)

Lineol, 1937, 48 Pages

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Sales List

Actual offers of our members:

Lineol Infanterist marschierend, Gewehr vor der Brust
10.00 EURO
Lineol Infanterist liegend, mit SMG schießend
35.00 EURO
Elastolin Infanterist vorgehend, mit Munitionskästen
25.00 EURO
Elastolin Trommler marschierend
28.36 EURO
Elastolin Infanterist stehend, sich abtrocknend
45.00 EURO
Elastolin Pionier stehend, schaufelnd
49.13 EURO
Elastolin Verwundeter gehend
45.00 EURO
Elastolin Panzerspähwagen 4-achsig mit Kommandant
5283.61 EURO
Elastolin Infanterist stehend, sich rasierend
53.09 EURO

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The NSFK figures by Lineol

Lineol Special Order NSFK 1938 Not many of our collectors are aware of this, but the existence of this special Lineol for the NSFK has been confirmed several times and was already researched and documented in 1987 after the sensational auction offer of a Berlin auction house. The following article shall explain and describe this unique representation of these figures to new and interested collectors. About 25 marchers from this series have reappeared in various auction houses in the last 10 years. There ... read more

The Lineol crew for the Tipp&Co Führer's car

Lineol - 9/110 N fits the TippCo Mercedes The Tipp&Co "Führer's car" certainly also had a high playful character. It is very detailed and one of the most beautiful and popular vehicles, certainly also because it can be traded as a civilian vehicle. The car was in such high demand that even well-known manufacturers like Hausser and Lineol added their own crews to their range. However, apart from the numerous Tipp&Co and Elastolin figures, only very few examples of Lineol are known. These will be presented in the ... read more

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Experts Forum

TSG no ????

hello i'm ernie gallegos from usa.. see pictures of german soldier - elastolin.. i can't find it in catalogue list. i need your help to looking for it and find it for me and number or c-tsg no#.. thank you and appreciation it.. - ernst read more

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Calendar of Events

Date Event Location
24.05.2019 - 25.05.2019
Krefeld, An der Rennbahn 4, Germany
31.05.2019 - 01.06.2019
125. Wormser Spielzeug-Auktion
67551 Worms-Pfeddersheim, Weinbrennerstraße 20, Germany
18:00 - 22:00
Sammlerstammtisch München
collectors meeting
Zum Metzger Rudi, Joseph-Dollinger Bogen 16, München, Germany
23.07.2019 - 27.07.2019
95182 Döhlau, Triftfeldstr. 1, Germany
16.08.2019 - 17.08.2019
Alino Spielzeug-Auktion
67098 Bad Dürkheim, Germany
05.09.2019 - 07.09.2019
126. Wormser Spielzeug-Auktion
67551 Worms-Pfeddersheim, Weinbrennerstraße 20, Germany
10:30 - 15:00
39. SEAS Süddeutsche Europatauschbörse für altes Spielzeug
76646 Bruchsal, Am alten Schloss 22, Bürgerzentrum, Germany
27.09.2019 - 28.09.2019
Krefeld, An der Rennbahn 4, Germany

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The 8-wheel armoured scout car from Hausser/Elastolin and their replicas

Hausser Catalog Picture 1938/1939 The following article is intended to provide collectors with more detailed information on the 8-wheel armoured scout vehicle from Hausser. Especially at a time when there are not many of us left who know the vehicle from their childhood, it is all the more important to give the new collectors some clarity. Especially when manufacturers of replicas come up with new editions. read more

History of the O. & M. Hausser Company

Hausser company buildings, image from the dealer catalogue 1958 On May 1, 1904, Christian Hausser, a master craftsman from Ludwigsburg, bought the company “Müller & Freyer Kurz- und Spielwarenhandlung en gros,” for his sons Otto and Max. By 1910 the company was supplying (besides educational and party games) nearly unbreakable, three-dimensional toy soldiers from its own production line. In 1912, Max and Otto Hausser sold the part of the company that was responsible for wholesale and carried on with the rest of the company ... read more

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