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Belgium King Albert I

Albert I. of Belgium Albert I was the Belgium King from 1909 to 1934. There are only three model figures made by Haußer and Linol which represent him. read more

Value Determination

GFM Paul von Hindenburg, condition I+ Figures are offered on stock exchanges, at traders and at auctions. The possibilities to acquire the objects of desire are - especially since the times of the internet - unlimited. Regardless of the question whether a figure is in its original state, the question always arises: what is its value? Is it a bargain, or a totally overpriced figure? In contrast, ... read more

Lineol Catalogues

Brand Sign Lineol AG During its existence, Lineol has published a large number of catalogues and price lists. In addition to the sales catalogues and novelty supplements with individual prices for end consumers, there were also special dealer catalogues. These were clearly more complex and more extensive than the normal consumer catalogues. Therefore no prices were printed here, ... read more

The NSFK Special Figures Series by Lineol

Lineol Special Order NSFK 1938 Not many of our collectors are aware of this, but the existence of this special Lineol for the NSFK has been confirmed several times and was already researched and documented in 1987 after the sensational auction offer of a Berlin auction house. The following article shall explain and describe this unique representation of these figures to new and interested ... read more

The Lineol Crew for the Tipp&Co Führer's Car

Lineol - 9/110 N fits the TippCo Mercedes The Tipp&Co "Führer's car" certainly also had a high playful character. It is very detailed and one of the most beautiful and popular vehicles, certainly also because it can be traded as a civilian vehicle. The car was in such high demand that even well-known manufacturers like Hausser and Lineol added their own crews to their range. However, apart from the ... read more

The 8-Wheel Armoured Scout Car by Hausser/Elastolin and its Replicas

Hausser Catalog Picture 1938/1939 The following article is intended to provide collectors with more detailed information on the 8-wheel armoured scout vehicle from Hausser. Especially at a time when there are not many of us left who know the vehicle from their childhood, it is all the more important to give the new collectors some clarity. Especially when manufacturers of replicas come up ... read more

History of the O. & M. Hausser Company

Hausser company buildings, image from the dealer catalogue 1958 On May 1, 1904, Christian Hausser, a master craftsman from Ludwigsburg, bought the company “Müller & Freyer Kurz- und Spielwarenhandlung en gros,” for his sons Otto and Max. By 1910 the company was supplying (besides educational and party games) nearly unbreakable, three-dimensional toy soldiers from its own production line. In 1912, Max and Otto ... read more

Hausser / Elastolin Catalogues

Markenzeichen HAUSSER Elastolin Until its bankruptcy in 1983, Hausser had published extensive catalogues on the range of figures and accessories it produced. Catalogues were published both for dealers (resellers) and for end consumers. In addition, there are also price sheets and order lists in which the entire range of figurines was listed according to manufacturer numbers. On certain ... read more

88 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

88 gun equipped with steel fron shield The 8.8cm Flak (Flugabwehrkanone = anti aircraft gun) was one of the most effective and feared German guns of the Second World War especially in ground combat. Thousands of enemy tanks may have been destroyed by this weapon and it was also highly successful as an anti-aircraft weapon. This gun had been in development since 1928 and was available to the army ... read more

Figure Series by Hausser / Elastolin and Lineol

Lineol 4cm Serie When collectors talk about their hobby of collecting composition toy soldiers, they usually refer to the 7 and 7.5 cm scale models as being their favourite. These have been the most collected sizes for many years. The reason is probably that these types of composition figures are the most common and they are easy to find. Also there are enough catalogues ... read more

Personality Figures

Adolf Hitler in civilian clothes by Hausser Portrait figures are one of the most fascinating facets of collecting composite toy soldiers. A look at the numerous portrait figures produced by Hausser and Lineol during their heyday. read more

Terrain Building Sets by MORGOMA

MORGOMA battle field with figures Under the name "Das Kampffeld" (The Battle Field) the company MORGOMA has produced terrain kits with terrain parts with which a very realistic battlefield for figures of 7cm size can be built. Positions and combat stations are built into the terrain and not placed on it. MORGOMA has taken this circumstance into account with its terrain parts. Because almost ... read more

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