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Elastolin Abenteuer Wilder Westen
Abenteuer Wilder Westen
Elastolin, 1973, 20 pages
Elastolin HAUSSER's ELASTOLIN Spielzeug
Elastolin, 1924, 28 pages
Lineol Lineol-Neuheiten / Nachtrag 1938
Lineol-Neuheiten / Nachtrag 1938
Lineol, 1938, 4 pages

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Sales List

Lineol Pistonbläser marschierend
Lineol, 35.11 EURO
Lineol Infanterist liegende, Handgranate werfend
Lineol, 58.29 EURO
Elastolin Tubabläser, stillgestanden
Elastolin, 139.75 EURO
Lineol Pfeifer, stillgestanden
Lineol, 163.16 EURO

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88 mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

88 gun equipped with steel fron shield The 8.8cm Flak (Flugabwehrkanone = anti aircraft gun) was one of the most effective and feared German guns of the Second World War especially in ground combat. Thousands of enemy tanks may have been destroyed by this weapon and it was also highly successful as an anti-aircraft weapon. This gun had been in development since 1928 and was available to the army by 1933. It was first used in Spain during the civil war (1936-39). Of the types 18, 36 and 37, there were 10,930 guns in action up to August 1944. The ammunition consumption rose from about 500,000 rounds per month in the year 1941/42 up to 3,175,400 rounds by the end of 1944. The "Achtacht" (eight-eight), as it was called by the soldiers, was in action up to the end of the war. The latest development of the 8.8 cm Flak 41 was first in use in the North Africa campaign. Up to the end of the war there were more than 25,000 guns of the types 18/36/37/41 built. The Luftwaffe anti-aircraft batteries were equipped with 4 guns each, while there were also heavy batteries with 6 guns each. For use against surface targets, a steel front shield was fitted. read more

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Geländeteil aus Masse

Hallo, kennt jemand den Hersteller dieses Geländeteils. Die Masse erscheint bei den Rissen sehr dun ... read more

Geländeteil aus Masse

Unbekannter Pilot von Lineol

Ich habe seit einigen Jahren eine Piloten-Figur von Lineol. Bei genauer Betrachtung unterscheidet si ... read more

Unbekannter Pilot von Lineol

Preisliste zum illustrierten Spezialkatalog über LINEOL Soldaten, Tiere und Fahrzeuge, Lineol 1931

es fehlen die Seiten 11 und 13 ... read more

Preisliste zum illustrierten Spezialkatalog über LINEOL Soldaten, Tiere und Fahrzeuge, Lineol 1931

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