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Collector‘s Catalogue

The collector's catalogue contains figures and accessories of the manufacturers Haußer and Lineol. For this purpose, the former catalogues and price lists of the manufacturers were evaluated. In addition, important collections were sighted in order to catalog the figurine range of these manufacturers as comprehensively as possible. As far as possible, the figures and accessories were photographed from several sides to give the best possible impression to the collectors. The catalogue already contains 12,359 pictures of figures and accessories and is constantly updated. PREMIUM members are shown the pictures in high resolution and have an additional zoom function.

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In our archive you will find 258 copies of dealer catalogues, sales catalogues, leaflets, price lists, order lists and many other original documents from former figure manufacturers with a total of 4,867 pages. These are shown to our PREMIUM members in high resolution so that they can browse through the old catalogues as they wish.

In addition, these original sources were linked to the figures and accessories of the collector's catalogue, so that the proof of the former production period can be kept here.

HAUSSER Qualitätsspielwaren 1961 S (Schweiz)

Elastolin, 1961, 32 Pages

Das Lineol-Bilderbuch 1934/35

Lineol, 1934, 32 Pages

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Sales List

Actual offers of our members:

Elastolin Infanterist stehend, sich rasierend
53.19 EURO
Elastolin Infanterist vorgehend, mit Munitionskästen
25.00 EURO
Lineol Protze
22.80 EURO
Lineol Infanterist liegend, mit kleinem Entfernungsmesser
25.00 EURO
Elastolin Pfeifer marschierend
25.00 EURO
Elastolin Infanterist stehend, sich abtrocknend
45.00 EURO
Lineol Händlerkatalog 1925 (deutsch/englisch/französisch/spanisch)
20.00 EURO
Lineol Infanterist marschierend, Gewehr vor der Brust
10.00 EURO
Lineol Pionier gehend, links tragend
25.00 EURO

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As a PREMIUM member you get full access to all possibilities on the Toy Soldier Gallery. Among other things, this provides you with a zoom function for images in the figures catalogue. This allows you to recognize even small details on the figures well. In addition, the catalogue images in the archive are also displayed in high resolution with a zoom function. As a PREMIUM member you also have the possibility to manage your collection via the Toy Soldier Gallery and to create your own search list. New offers on the sales list are immediately displayed to you without delay.

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Belgium King Albert I

Albert I. of Belgium Albert I was the Belgium King from 1909 to 1934. There are only three model figures made by Haußer and Linol which represent him. read more

Value Determination

GFM Paul von Hindenburg, condition I+ Figures are offered on stock exchanges, at traders and at auctions. The possibilities to acquire the objects of desire are - especially since the times of the internet - unlimited. Regardless of the question whether a figure is in its original state, the question always arises: what is its value? Is it a bargain, or a totally overpriced figure? In contrast, the salesman asks himself what he can ask for a figure. What price can be realistically achieved? The question is ... read more

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Experts Forum

Elastolin old marching band

I have required 6 Elastolin soldiers forming a marching band. There is one music band master (see image) and 5 musicians (trumpet and others). They are 10 cm tall (from bottom pedestal to top helmet). They are not in the TSG Catalogue. Considering the size they are possibly from 1912? Does anyone ... read more

Lineol Sonderanfertigung für das NS Fliegerkorps

I recently found this on eBay...may be similar, though not sure who the maker is. read more

Lineol Special Order NSFK 1938

TSG no ????

hello i'm ernie gallegos from usa.. see pictures of german soldier - elastolin.. i can't find it in catalogue list. i need your help to looking for it and find it for me and number or c-tsg no#.. thank you and appreciation it.. - ernst read more

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Calendar of Events

Date Event Location
05.03.2020 - 07.03.2020
128. Wormser Spielzeug-Auktion
67551 Worms-Pfeddersheim, Weinbrennerstraße 20, Germany
07.03.2020 - 08.03.2020
119. Auktion
10777 Berlin, Motzstraße 15, Germany
13.03.2020 - 14.03.2020
84. Spielzeug und Reklameauktion
53332 Bornheim, Königstraße 109, Germany
11:00 - 16:00
Deutsche Kunststofffigurenbörse
44623 Herne, Willi-Pohlmann-Platz 1, Kulturzentrum , Germany
22.03.2020 - 28.03.2020
95182 Döhlau, Triftfeldstr. 1, Germany
27.03.2020 - 28.03.2020
Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion
68526 Ladenburg, Lustgartenstraße 6 , Germany
11:00 - 16:00
Sauerbrey's Modell Eisenbahn- und Spielzeugmarkt
76684 Östringen, Mozartstr. 1, Hermann-Kimling-Halle, Germany
03.04.2020 - 04.04.2020
Alino Spielzeug-Auktion
67098 Bad Dürkheim, Germany

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Lineol Catalogues

Brand Sign Lineol AG During its existence, Lineol has published a large number of catalogues and price lists. In addition to the sales catalogues and novelty supplements with individual prices for end consumers, there were also special dealer catalogues. These were clearly more complex and more extensive than the normal consumer catalogues. Therefore no prices were printed here, but there were additional price lists. This made it possible to react flexibly to price changes without having to ... read more

The NSFK Special Figures Series by Lineol

Lineol Special Order NSFK 1938 Not many of our collectors are aware of this, but the existence of this special Lineol for the NSFK has been confirmed several times and was already researched and documented in 1987 after the sensational auction offer of a Berlin auction house. The following article shall explain and describe this unique representation of these figures to new and interested collectors. About 25 marchers from this series have reappeared in various auction houses in the last 10 years. There ... read more

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