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Barracks Life

Emulating boot camp reality, German makers of composition toy soldiers produced fresh recruits for training in children's playroom armies.

Every drill sergeant knows it is a hard business to train young men to become real soldiers. Before they get trained for combat, they have to learn how to march and behave on parade. They need to know how to carry their rifles and how to salute to officers.

Nazi Germany revived universal conscription for the Wehrmacht in 1935. This might be the reason that German children became more interested in what happened behind barrack walls. Their elder brothers had to serve in the army and when they came home on leave, they told stories about their training regime. This was exiting for younger boys and they wanted to replay these scenes.

Lineol modelThe two major manufacturers of composition toy soldiers, Hausser / Elastolin and Lineol produced figures which were devoted to this boot camp theme. They offered figures in white drill uniforms for the first time tn their 1936 sales catalogues. These were models of soldiers standing at attention and soldiers goose stepping. Hausser simply painted existing models of marching soldiers in white drill uniforms while Lineol crafted some new models.

ut you need more than just soldiers. So Hausser produced in the same year nice barracks buildings to go with these figures. No equivalent buildings were ever made by Lineol.

Now, what else do you need to complete such a scene? Somebody has to drill the soldiers. Drill sergeant figures were modelled by both companies. These figures look very realistic when you look close at them. You can imagine that it was a hard duty to serve under such a drill sergeant.

But goose stepping is not easy and soldiers have to exercise first without a rifle. A Hausser model shows a soldier goose stepping with both hands on his back.

An other model shows a soldier exercising with his rifle above his head. This exercise was probably designed to make him used to his weapon.

After the soldiers did their basic military training there was an inspection by the commanding officer. This might have happened on parade where trainees could show their marching skills.

There are also a number of nice soldier models standing at attention, including some presenting arms.

Nowadays all Figures representing barracks life are hard to find and therefore expensive to buy.

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