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Terrain Building Sets by MORGOMA


MORGOMA battle field with figures

Under the name "Das Kampffeld" (The Battle Field) the company MORGOMA has produced terrain kits with terrain parts with which a very realistic battlefield for figures of 7cm size can be built. Positions and combat stations are built into the terrain and not placed on it. MORGOMA has taken this circumstance into account with its terrain parts. Because almost all parts can be combined well, there are countless possibilities to create an individual trench system with bunkers and artillery positions. Thus figures can be presented in a realistic environment. Unfortunately, original off-road kits and even individual parts from MORGOMA are offered relatively rarely, so it might be difficult to build a larger battlefield with original parts.


Manufacturer Moritz-Gottschalk Marienberg

The company Moritz-Gottschalk was a factory of fine wooden toys and children's military articles based in Marienberg Erzgebirge, Germany. The brand name Morgoma is composed of the first letters of Moritz Gottschalk Marienberg. The company produced wooden toys from 1873 to 1943. The company became well known for its doll's houses, doll's houses and shops. After the end of the Second World War, production was resumed within the framework of the GDR toy combine Vero and only finally stopped after the end of the GDR in 1990.


Terrain Building Sets

Terrain Building Set 469/50

MORGOMA offered four different battlefield kits "Das Kampffeld". These contain between four and eight terrain parts.

Terrain Building Set496/504 parts
Terrain Building Set496/756 parts
Terrain Building Set496/1005 parts
Terrain Building Set496/2008 parts

In addition, the flyer mentions a combination of all four construction kits, which was delivered in a wooden frame with 23 parts under the number 496/300.

Terrain Building Set 469/50 in original Box

Terrain Building Set 469/75

Terrain Building Set 469/100

Terrain Building Set 469/200

Terrain Building Set469/300


Terrain Parts

Leaflet Terain Building Set

A MORGOMA leaflet mentions 23 different terrain components which are available both in the four boxes and individually. To let the trenches and shelters into the terrain, the surface is simply raised by approx. 6 cm. This makes it possible to create a realistic battlefield in which the positions do not protrude from the terrain.

Unfortunately, there are no contemporary sources to compare the price of the field with the corresponding Lineol or Hausser terrain parts. Presumably, however, the prices were similar.


Single Terrain Parts

Bunker K/15

Winding trench with barb wire and exit K/11

Most terrain parts have a square base of approx. 15 cm side length. The side walls are approx. 6 cm high so that they can be joined together seamlessly. In total there are 21 different parts of this size.

NumberTerrain PartBuilding Kit
K/1signal station496/75
K/2terrain with shell hole496/100
K/3terrain with brushes496/100
K/4terrain with wood and stones496/50
K/5basic terrain496/200
K/6terrain with forest496/200
K/7terrain with hill496/200
K/8terrain with destroyed vehicle496/75
K/9trench with barb wire and MG position496/100
K/10trench with barb wire and mortar position496/200
K/11winding trench with barb wire and exit496/200
K/12trench with barb wire496/100
K/13trench with barb wire496/50
K/14corner trench496/200
K/16terrain with brushes and trench496/75
K/17terrain with winding trench496/75
K/18terrain with straight trench496/100
K/19artillery position496/50
K/21ambulance bunker496/200
K/23terrain with straight trench and observation post496/50

Terrain with wood and stones K/4

Trench with barb wire and mortar position K/10

Trench with barb wire K/13

Ambulance bunker K/21

Terrain with straight trench and observation post K/23


Double Terrain Parts

Regiment Headquarters K/22

Additionally there are two terrain parts with a rectangular shape, whereby the longer side is twice as long with approx. 30 cm as the side of the simple terrain parts. So these parts can be inserted into the battlefield instead of two simple parts.

NumberTerrain PartBuilding Kit
K/20artillery postition496/75
K/22regiment headquarters496/200


International Terrain Parts

Regiments Headquarters K/22

Obviously MORGOMA has also exported these building kits abroad. At least for the Regiments Headquarters K/22 there is a version with French lettering. Whether this or other terrain parts with a label in other languages existed is not known at the moment. Probably there was an English version at least.

Example Battle Fields

With the figures of the 7cm size of Lineol and Hausser this battlefield comes to life. Impressive is the scene in which the soldiers run through the trench to the front lines. Here you can clearly see the advantage that this type of terrain of MORGOMA has over the terrain of Hausser or Lineol, because it seems much more realistic.

MORGOMA battle field

MORGOMA battle field with figures

MORGOMA battle field with figures

MORGOMA battle field with figures

MORGOMA battle field with figures

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